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І. Consulting services:

1. Development of an optimal mechanism for the construction financing.

2. Development of bonds placement mechanism.

3. Development of a mechanism of financial flows direction.

4. Consulting work for the CFF.

5. General consulting on bond scheme and taxation .

6. Consulting on the registration of the prospectus of bonds emission.

7. Consulting on the statements of the bonds issuer.

8. Accounting consulting on the issuer and the AMC.

9. Consulting on the activities of the depositary and custodian.

10. Consulting on the stock exchange activity.

11. Consulting on keeping the register of bonds owners.

12. Consulting on the bonds placement.

13. Consulting on the retirement of bonds.

14. Consulting on the sales office organization.

II. Development of the draft documents:

1. CFF Rules development.

2. Development agreements of participation / booking.

3. The development of the prospectus of bonds issue.

4. Preparation of documents for the registration of bonds.

5. Preparation of draft contracts of securities sale.

6. Preparation of contracts for brokerage services.

7. Preparation of the participation of global treaties and their annexes.

8. Development of internal algorithms and the provisions of the interaction.

9. Development of accounting registers of bonds and real estate owners.

10. Development of legal entities charters.

11. Development a prospectus of investment certificates.

12. Preparation of draft documents for the registration of investment certificates.

13. Development of venture fund regulations.

III. Global tasks:

1. The bond issue registration.

2. Organization of the bonds placement.

3. Venture fund registration.

4. Organization and management of sales office.

5. Organization of the bonds circulation.

6. The organization of the venture fund work.

7. Organization of accounting support.

8. Organization of retirement of bonds.

9. Reporting management of the issuer.

IV. Additional services:

1. Representing the interests of the issuer in the Securities Commission.

2. Representing the interests of the issuer on the stock exchange.